🔊 Text to Speech Documentation

Convert conversational text to human-like speech in voice channels.
The docs are still work in progress!
Wamellow requried permission:
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It's absolutely crucial for people with speech impairments like aphonia or dysphonia. It ensures inclusivity and allows everyone to participate fully, promoting accessibility and community engagement.


  1. Install Wamellow on your server by going to wamellow.com/add .
  2. Head to the dashboard by going to wamellow.com/dashboard .
  3. 🎉 Done! Use the commands /tts voice for talking inside Voice Channels.

Chat to Speech (optional)

  1. Select a channel to be used in the "Text to Speech" section on the website
  2. Join any voice channel in your Server (be sure Wamellow can join and talk in it).
  3. 🎉 Done! Start writing messages in the selected channel for Wamellow to speak!

📑 Usage logs

Pick a channel where any Text to Speech events from your server should be logged, mainly for moderation purposes.

Note: This does not log any /tts file command. This is simply for simplicity and privacy reasons.

😷 Priority role

Pick a role that lets users override other messages that are currently being spoken. This lets users start talking right away without the "please wait..." message popping up. It's a good idea to give this role to people who are actually disabled.

🔉 Announce user

Wamellow will announce which user is currently talking through it. If a user says "hello there," the bot will speak "Luna says: hello there."

Note: This feature is experimental. Please note that usernames written in languages other than the actual written message will cause the Text to Speech to fail.

🔏 Max message length

Set a maximum length for messages to avoid spamming.

Discord Nitro members can send messages with up to 4,000 characters, while non-Nitro members can only send 2,000. This is a Discord limitation.

While this feature is free, we would be grateful if you could consider shooting us a donation or voting on top.gg . Please note that messages longer than 300 characters are vote locked. Unfortunately, money and growth (sadly) don't grow on trees (money isn't exactly normal paper).

🤚 Blacklist users & roles

If you want to prevent certain users from using text or chat to speech, you can either use Discord's channel or integration permission system.

Avoiding Chat to Speech

To prevent Wamellow from speaking your messages inside of Chat to Speech channels, simply take the following actions:

  • Just add some special characters at the start of your message, like !, ?, >, ., , and so on.
  • If you're not connected to any voice channels, those messages will also be ignored.
  • If you want to disable Chat to Speech permanently, you can use the command /tts set chat-to-speech.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wamellow

Commonly asked questions about Wamellow and how to use it.

  1. Be sure to have the Manage Server permission on the server you want invite Wamellow into.
  2. Open Discord's add-app flow at wamellow.com/invite.
  3. Select a server and click on "Continue".
  4. Do not uncheck any permissions and click on "Authorize".
  5. Done! 🎉 You should now find yourself on the Dashboard for your server!
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