😔 Farewell Documentation

Send farewell messages to members leaving your community!
The docs are still work in progress!
Wamellow requried permission:
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Wamellow's farewell feature provides an exceptional platform to say goodbye to members who are leaving. With its versatile customization options, you can tailor a farewell message that mirrors the unique ambiance of your server.

farewell example


  1. Install Wamellow to your server by going to wamellow.com/add .
  2. Head to the dashboard by going to wamellow.com/dashboard .
  3. Select your server from the dashboard.
  4. Navigate to the Greetings menu.
  5. Within the Greetings menu, locate and click on the Leave message option.
  6. Enable the Bye module by clicking the enable button.
  7. Set a channel to send farewell messages into.

✏️ Custom message & embed

You can create a leaving message with a fully customizable message and embed for free, making it easy to say goodbye to departing members.

🖼️ Image card

You can create a nice farewell image by customizing the background for free.


Please do not forget to actually put in a direct link to the image, not a link to a website with the image.

Custom background image: 1024x256px (width, height) and must be type of .png.

farewell image

Example custom backgrounds:


Follow the placeholders as listed in the greetings Documentation .

Frequently Asked Questions about Wamellow

Commonly asked questions about Wamellow and how to use it.

  1. Be sure to have the Manage Server permission on the server you want invite Wamellow into.
  2. Open Discord's add-app flow at wamellow.com/invite.
  3. Select a server and click on "Continue".
  4. Do not uncheck any permissions and click on "Authorize".
  5. Done! 🎉 You should now find yourself on the Dashboard for your server!
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