📢 YouTube Notifications Documentation

Notify your community when a new YouTube video gets posted!
The docs are still work in progress!
Wamellow requried permission:
View ChannelSend MessagesEmbed LinksMention Everyone
  • We only support YouTube, use NotifyMe or DisPing for Twitch, Kick, Twitter, etc.
  • Every server can have up to 30 different channels for free.
  • Notifications are sent with less than 1 (one) minute delay.
  • And free custom message & embed for every notification individually.

notification example


  1. Add Wamellow to your server by going to wamellow.com/add .
  2. Head to the dashboard by going to wamellow.com/dashboard .
  3. Select your server from the dashboard.
  4. Navigate to the YouTube Notifications tab.
  5. Click Add a YouTube channel and enter a channel url/handle/id.
  6. Click Submit and start customizing your message!

How to get YouTube channel handle or id

✏️ Custom message & embed

You can create a notification message with a fully customizable message and embed for free, enabling you to style the messages the way you love.

Note: Image previews might be broken on the dashboard

🏓 Pings

The role that should get notified about new uploads.

  • @everyone will ping every member in the server.
  • @here will ping every currently online member in the server.
  • @some-role will ping everyone with that role.

Note: If Wamellow does not have the Mention Everyone permissions inside the channel, it might not be able to actually notify those roles.


Placeholders allow you to use variables that change from message to message, for example to display information about the uploaded video or creator. They are always enclosed in curly braces, such as {creator.name}.

ping@some-roleNotification ping
video.titleYour PC Can Look Like THIS Now!Video title
video.id74Lj5cHseI8Video id
video.linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74Lj5cHseI8Video page
video.thumbnailhttps://i4.ytimg.com/vi/74Lj5cHseI8/hqdefault.jpgVideo thumbnail url
video.uploaded.ago2 months agoTime since upload
video.uploaded.at16 June 2024 4:58 PMUpload time & date
creator.nameLinus Tech TipsCreator username
creator.idUCXuqSBlHAE6Xw-yeJA0TunwCreator user id
creator.linkhttps://www.youtube.com/@LinusTechTipsCreator page
creator.avatarhttps://yt3.ggpht.com/...Creator avatar url
creator.subs16MSubscriber count
creator.videos6.9KAmount of videos
creator.views7.8BTotal views
guild.nameSomeone'sServer name
guild.id828676951023550495Server id
guild.avatarhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/...Icon URL
guild.rules#some-channelRules channel
guild.memberCount848Member count

Frequently Asked Questions about Wamellow

Commonly asked questions about Wamellow and how to use it.

  1. Be sure to have the Manage Server permission on the server you want invite Wamellow into.
  2. Open Discord's add-app flow at wamellow.com/invite.
  3. Select a server and click on "Continue".
  4. Do not uncheck any permissions and click on "Authorize".
  5. Done! 🎉 You should now find yourself on the Dashboard for your server!
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